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What Time Is It?
        Hi All, I am Clouds the leader and founder of TheGathing i will be posting more on the guild as it devlopes, So far we have this.....

        Gathing time will be around 18:00 server time (6 PM For People In NV). Clan Bosses (SG bosses) and DI (Devils Island) will most of the time be done after gathing on saturday. Please Contiune To do GQ and Feed the Beast Every Day so we can devlop fast. 

        We Are Currently a Lv3 Clan In order to hit Lv4 We Need......
(1) Clan Wonder Lv3 (Need 720 Pine, Marble, and Agate+ Dev And Funds)
(2) 3.6Mill Funds
(3) 90K Dev
(4) People That Do GQ And Are Active That is The Key To Secous (So Is Me Learning How To Spell it)

        In Order To Help The Clan Make Progress Make Shure your Lvling Your self and doing GQ Thanks All In Makeing The Gathing The Best.

        The Gathing Is Now The Head Of A Fraction Called The Family. The Fraction is Lv2 now Going On Lv3 GQ Quests Could for the Fraction To Also.

        TheGathing Has Beed In The Closed Bata And The Open Bata Now We are Better Then Ever In the Open Server
        We Now Have A Vent Please PM Me For The Info Thanks All
                                                                Side Notes

        TheGathing Is On the Omlompous West Server. We Are Currently A 70+ clan with 60k+ power Goal By 2/1 Is To Be 80+ With 70K+ Power Please Try And Make This Happen 
        We now are in an allaince with a fracrion please try and make them feal are home we have leadership of the allaince.
                                                    Thanks All For Beaing Part Of TheGathing
                                                                  Last UpDated 1/17/12

                                                                  IMPORTANT UP DATE
        Now That TheGathering Is Growing and Is Expanding We are ALWAYS Recruting We Never Stop Its A Fight For Spots We Do This To Keep TheGuild As Active As Possibal. There Are Spots That Will Not Be Kiked A List Of Names Will Be Sent Out Soon Of Thoes Slots. Your Spot In The Guild Will Be Determand By The Flowing~

(1) Activness (If Your Never On You Will Be Kiked~ Unless I Am Notified By You)
(2) If You Talk (Comuntation In A Guild Is Major We Need To Keep It Up We Have Clan,Fraction, And Aly Chat to ues Along with Vent
(3) Whats You Lvl ( We Will Be Doing TW And Will Need Higher Lvls)
(4) Lvl Cap (If You Do Not Reach 80+ By 2/1 Or the Lvl Bace You Will Be Kiked)
(5)GQ+ Participation In Bosses And Clan Activaty (On Saturdays We Do DI/ Adv DQ/PK/PVP/Boss Hunt/Clan Bosses/Clan Beast During The Week I will Be Takeing Names For These Event Please Try To Be On For Them All)
(6) Gathering (Gathering is a major past of the guild with out peple in the gathering we can not lvl the guild)
(7) Just about Any thing elce to do with a guild try and stay active and in chat as much as possibal

                                  Please Understand The Spots For Clan Bosses Will Be Chosen Baced On This
(1) Class (Cant Have All Hrtc)
(2) Lv (Lv 70's in the Temple Of Withering Won't Work)
(3) Speed (If You Fit The Class Req And The Lvl Req Its Frist Come Frist Serve)
Guild News

Open Bata

mikianmusser, Nov 29, 11 10:18 AM.
Open Bata is here and i would like to officaly say that TheGathering will be on the Open server as soon as possibale please all join and do your daly quest
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